My Statement

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I was born in Manila and lived in Singapore for 20 years where I worked in the service and hospitality industry. I have traveled extensively throughout Southeast Asia, Europe and North America and I loved taking photographs of people and places. It delights me to relive the recorded memories I gathered in my travels, and to see that joy manifested in my work. While I am a self-taught artist, I was fortunate that I grew up in a family with a mélange of artistic skills.

My fascination for different cultures and their traditions infuses me with the inspiration to transfigure this wonderment onto canvas. As do most Asians, I believe in hard work, and I am committed to painting about Asian traditions and culture, no matter how complex it may seem. The colors, shapes and forms in this online gallery are deep and passionate expressions of my Asian experience – a world of images, beautiful in every way, and one that lives in my soul. Now living in New York City as a full-time artist, I wish to share my work as a tribute to my Asian heritage.

As a child who had failed in drawing classes, my journey through years of learning and practice led me to a tremendous evolution. It is a magnificent process – claiming the freedom to harness points, lines and dimension in depicting what I see as Art. I had to lose myself in it, and indulged without control. And now I know that in so doing, I moved beyond my own expectations, and realized that there is absolutely no limit to what one may learn and discover. Patience, indeed, is a virtue that most helped me reach that truth. It is PASSION that had taught me ART.